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Most frequent questions and answers

Design-build is a project delivery method that has been around for hundreds of years, and was once known as “integrated project delivery.” With this method there is only one contract. The project owner hires KDB to both design and construct the building. KDB as the design-builder, can hire design consultants and subcontractors as they see fit, but those employees would answer directly to the design-builder, not the project owner. This benefits our clients or project owners of any size and budget. We establish early collaboration (teamwork) for planning and design phases. Better communication leads to lower project costs, quicker schedules and reduces risks and burdens for the owner.

When you choose a family owned business you are getting a different level of care. You know that we make a commitment to staying a unified group and making teamwork our goal, we listen. We offer stability, trust and authenticity to what we do because it is our passion. We make it a priority to share our vision and create long term goals for you and our company. We stay flexible and versatile to stay on task and decrease costs. We are a young team of dedicated workers using technology to get our vision across to our clients.

Keeping the clients wants and needs in mind is crucial for a general contractor. Teamwork is our commitment to you.

We use advanced estimating software which can easily include your specific requirements and project challenges. Therefore giving our clients the best value for their project needs.